NXEngine by Caitlin Shaw

A complete open-source clone/rewrite of the masterpiece jump-and-run platformer Doukutsu Monogatari (also known as Cave Story).

This program is released under the GNU General Public License v3.


* Cave Story with Aeon Genesis English translation. Cave Story Deluxe will do nicely.
* SDL_ttf
* (to run the SIFEdit sprite-properties editor) wxWidgets. SIFEdit is a little glitchy under Windows, I suggest you run it under Linux instead.
* (to compile source under Windows) MinGW/MSYS

Downloads v1.0.0.6 (2014-07-15):

Source bz2 - fixes a typo that caused Misery not to spawn falling blocks during Final Battle

Downloads v1.0.0.5 (2014-07-11):

Source bz2 - fixes the 'nlayers' bug which can cause crash on levels such as Outer Wall, and a compile warning.

Downloads v1.0.0.4:

Source bz2 gz - fixes an annoying bug with the weapon system, plus a few minor tweaks.

Downloads v1.0.0.3:

Source - support for bitmapped fonts, fix ballos glitch, many misc tweaks and bug fixes, support for big-endian and ARM processors, and initial support for WinCE devices (requires sdlshim).

Downloads v1.0.0.2:
Windows / Linux 32 / Linux 64

Source + SIFEdit: .tar.gz - in standard UNIX format. Windows users can open this with WinRAR.

Debug Keys - for development use only, cheaters are filthy. Must be enabled from options menu (F3).
F2Reposition Player
F4Save immediately (can break stuff if used imprudently)
F6Show bounding boxes
spc Freeze Frame
cFrame Advance
vDebug Fly

Debug Console - brought up via "`" (backtick). Command List.

NXEngine © 2010-2016 Caitlin Shaw